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环境需要我们保护,家园需要我们建设。我们每个人可以做许多事情来保护我们生存的环境。下面给大家带来一些关于怎样保护环境的 英语 作文 ,希望对大家有所帮助。


environmental problems are becoming more and more serious all over the orld. for example, cars have made the air unhealthy for people to breathe and poisonous gas is given off by factories. trees on the hills have been cut do n and aste ater is being poured continuously into rivers.furthermore, herever e go today, e can find rubbish carelessly disposed. pollution is, in fact, threatening our existence.

the earth is our home and e have the duty to take care of it for ourselves and for our later generations. fortunately, more and more people have realized these problems. measures have been taken to cope ith these problems by the government. la s have been passed to stop pollution. i hope the problem ill be solved in the near future and our home ill become better and better.


dear headmasters, teachers, classmates and friends: i’m very proud that i have chosen to speak to you all today, i’m a bit nervous as i’ve never made a speech before to so many people ,so please forgive me if it shows.

as we all know, the environment around us is getting worse and worse .in some places we can’t see fish swimming in the river or trees on the hills. some people even have no clean water to drink. so i think we must do something to protect the environment. .but what can we do? how to protect our environment ? for example ,we can go to school on foot or by bike . we can use shopping baskets not plastic bags .when we go shopping and we can use both sides of the paper when we write .in a word ,if everyone pays more attention to our environment ,there will be less pollution and our life will be better.

“there is only one earth”, i hope everyone will protect our environment well. thanks!


the earth scale change of climate has brought a new kind of natural disaster and the developed and complicated city system is holding a latent risk of expanding the damage artificially. also people has been spoiling the health since the immense quantity of chemicals have been produced and already used in pursuit of convenience and various toxic substances have been produced unintentionally and accumulated in environment. therefore, we need some countermeasures from the viewpoint to prevent the city environment form disaster and to manage environmental risks. so we will develop and improve a new risk management system and a disaster prevention system to preserve and create the city environment where people feel easy and sound in their life.


the environmental protection is the most major problem which in the modern life the humanity faces. must solve this problem must start from foundation. first, must massively propagandize, enhances people's consciousness with understanding, strengthens the

environmental protection consciousness. next, must carry on waste recovery use, reduces to forest-tree's felling. also must strengthen to white pollution processing, little uses the plastic product. finally, must make improvement to clean aspect. causes the city's appearance to be neater. for earth's tomorrow, we must start from the now diligently, will want the well local constable to protect the environment. to this us proposes as follows suggests: implementation trash classification packed in bags. like this not only can reduce the environmental sanitation worker's work load, but also can even better basically arrive makes use of waste, to reduce the pollution, saves the resources.


although the world develops much faster and better, the resources on the earth get fewer and fewer. in order to protect them,something must be done.

save water. water is the source of life. no water, no life. so it's very important for us to do so.not only should we protect drinking water and stop polluting it, but also make full use of it.

a larger and larger part of society is expressing its concern about environmental protection. active in their concern, teachers and students hold specific meetings to discuss environmental protection. also, city planners take environmental problems into serious consideration. and, though reducing pollution can be expensive,

factories often take every possible measure to do their part. many people are concerned and active because air and water pollution affects everyone and makes it difficult for cities to survive and businesses to make a profit.

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地球是我们人类共同的家园,保护地球是我们每个人共同的责任,下面我为大家带来保护地球的 英语 作文 范文 ,欢迎大家学习!


with the improvement of our living standard, more and more people can afford a car. as a result, our roads are more often than not crammed with cars. however, with more and more waste gas being discharged by the cars, the problem of air pollution becomes even more serious. so nowadays we advocate to lead a low-carbon life.

my suggestion is we should ride bikes more often instead of driving cars.by riding a bike, we can not only exercise our body but also protect our environment. why not have a try, my dear friends?


earth is our mother.without earth ,without life.it provides us with enough water,food,sunshine,mineral and so on,so please protect it ,protect our "mother",we can do it from little things such as saving water,planting trees and so on. so please do it right now,for ourselfs,for our younger generation.

nowadays, the pollution of the earth is more and more serious and becoming one of the most serious problems of the world.

it is our duty to save our earth.

how can we prevent our earth from polluting? firstly, donnot threw garbages at the places. because it will pollute the environment. secondly, donnot let the polluted water get into the river. because it will kill fishes.

we just have one earth. please save her!


there are still many problems of environmental protection in recent years. one of the most serious problems is the serious pollution of air, water and soil. the polluted air does great harm to people’s health. the polluted water causes diseases and death. what is more, vegetation had been greatly reduced with the rapid growth of modern cities.

to protect the environment, governments of many countries have done a lot. legislative steps have been introduced to control air pollution, to protect the forest and sea resources and to stop any environmental pollution. therefore, governments are playing the most important role in the environmental protection today.

in my opinion, to protect environment, the government must take even more concrete measures. first, it should let people fully realize the importance of environmental protection through education. second, much more efforts should be made to put the population planning policy into practice, because more people means more people means more pollution. finally, those who destroy the environment intentionally should be severely punished. we should let them know that destroying environment means destroying mankind themselves.


the earth is the mother of mankind, the earth is our common home. we like clear water, blue sky, like watching seagulls flying; we like ice piao, like to listen to greenfield roar; we like to fly warbler grass long, like to listen to birds singing; we like to see the sea in the early morning sunrise, like a few nights at least stars days. we hope that our earth more beautiful and more beautiful.

however, due to irrational development, because the waste of natural resources, global ecological damage, pollution of all kinds more serious. now, the world each year 600 million hectares of land become desert, 20 million hectares of forests are disappearing, the average of one hour there is a kind of species extinction. also, the earth's temperatures are rising, the antarctic ice cap began to melt, sea-level will continue to rise, many of the world's coastal cities, islands, and large areas of land will be swallowed seawater. so, care for the environment is our common responsibility. as a small owner of earth, we have to mind the world, look around. in life without one-time items; in a timely manner wash off the faucet; multi-curved waist do not litter anywhere in the threw peel; more than walk a few steps without crossing the green belt; many people around to remind the attention of environmental protection together.

environmental protection is a long-term and arduous task, let us start from a small, start now to make our planet more beautiful environment, climate and better!

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保护环境,人人有责。下面给大家分享一些保护环境的 英语 作文 ,希望对大家有帮助。


recently, the news reported that one special kind of rhino from africa just passed away, which meant the disappearance of this lovely creature. what a great pity. the tragedy is caused by the damaged environment, while human being must be blamed for it, because we have done so many bad things to pollute the environment and make the nature lose its balance. in order to make up our faults and save our offspring, it is in need of protecting the environment. as the ordinary people, we can do the small things, such as do not throw away the rubbish and join some activities to bring the world green, like planting trees. every small act can make a difference. some day, when we live with the environment friendly, what we do is worth.


we want to hold a green olympic games ,so everyone should do something useful to protect the environment ,whether it is big or small.

we should do something to stop people from doing bad things to the environment .we should put rubbish into dustbins instead of throwing it about. everyone must care for flowers ,grass and tress in public .we shound collect things like paper ,plastic bags our neighborhood as well ,it’s necessary to plant more trees every year .

it is everyone’s duty to make our neighborhood much better with our hands minds .let’s make a contribution to protecting the environment and the plympic games successfully.


chinahas a very long and brilliant history, whose people are so friendly and hospitable. but i am wondering why some people pay such little attention to the environment and nature. in many places of the countryside, rivers have become stinking sewers and brooks have disappeared. heaps of garbage obstructs the scarce flow of dirty water. the grounds are littered with plastic bottles and bags. people are cutting down trees even though it is illegal. in some towns, rubbish is hidden behind walls. garbage cans are often of little use, making cleaners must rush all day long and also by night to clean the rubbish.

this lack of consideration for nature in general is extremely detrimental to children’s education, tochina’s image, to public health, to tourism and to the future.chinais the common treasure of all chinese, and we should live up to be a member of this big family, a descendant of 5000-year-plus ancient civilized country. i think the environment must absolutely be strictly protected by all means. this protection should go at the same pace as the marvelous development of the nation.

in this respect,germanyis a rare model and leaves me a very deep impression. after you have an exciting tour around in this country for a week or so, it is unnecessary for you to polish your leather shoes. personally, first of all, the strong awareness of people’s environmental protection; then, the advanced technology applied in the field of preserving the nature; we can learn form others in building china into one of the most environmentally friendly places in the world.


today, china's economy has made the great achievement. more and more foreign people come to china to seek for cooperation. it is true that people's life standard has been improved a lot during the last decades, but the environment has been polluted badly. when i was very small, i could see the green trees and clean water around my hometown, but now, the river becomes smaller and the rubbish can be seen everywhere. i feel so sad about it. we have sacrificed so much to chase the profit. if we can't save the environment, we won't live the comfortable life. for us, we should not throw away the rubbish and plant more trees. the little things we do will make a great difference.


recently, the problem of environmental pollution is getting more and more serious. the air pollution, noise pollution and water pollution are found on the newspaper everywhere. it is obvious that we should do something to protect our earth. because we have only one home. we should try our best not to pollute the environment and appeal the people around us make their effort to protect our unique home.

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