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我的妈妈英语作文 篇1

my mother is 35 years old. but i still can see how beautiful she is when she is young. she is not too tall but very thin. her eyes are black. her hair is blackand there is several white hair.

she takes me to school every day. in the evening she help me with my homework. if i’m hungry she will cook my favourite meals. she’s always trying to encourage me to try something new. i think my mother is the best person in this world. she is always be there for me when i need her. i love her so much. she is my hero.



我的妈妈英语作文 篇2

my mother is thirty-four years old and does not look old. melon seeds face a pair of watery eyes, tall tall, the body is not fat nor thin.

mom loves me more attention to my study. some time ago galen english teacher told us there is a national english game, hope we can actively participate in, show yourself. i signed up for an english song contest. big after that, my mother began to go online to find songs, lock the song after her mother to learn to sing their own, every day humming ah, after the concert began to teach me.

mothers song for me is the english version of the girl with wings wings. at that time and in the final review stage, immediately to test, my mother did not delay my review of the case every day out of an hour to help me practice singing, correct my pronunciation. i have successfully passed the preliminary round of the stadium, jinzhou city, the semi-finals, entered the finals of the liao dynasty division, if the liao in the division can take on the national finals, and that i hope for a long time.

mother is very honorable parents. once, my grandmother was sick, slightly cerebral thrombosis was admitted to the hospital. this can be anxious mother, and she every day in the hospital care grandmother, wash her face to help her practice walking, busy outside. grandmother came home after discharge, my mother and take the housework, laundry, cooking, mopping the land ... ... every year when the mother will not forget to give grandparents to buy some gifts. i want my mother as an example, but also a good boy to honor their parents.

every summer, my mother always said he was fat, eat two meals a day, you know why she did so because she wanted to lose weight, wear fashion clothes, so that they become more beautiful.

this is my mother, sometimes gentle, sometimes severe, sometimes cute, i love my beautiful mom.

我的妈妈英语作文 篇3

my mother is 30 years old. she is not only beautiful, and kind, she raised me big

mother is a gentle man. once my math test was very poor, i got more than 70 points, i thought home mother will hit me, but my mother heard the score, and did not hit me, just carefully read the papers, asked me the wrong question is not or carelessly, my mother said: "do not know how to ask the teacher, or i check the internet with some of the same type of questions do you do, can not be like sima yi broken gossip array - do not pretend to understand." i listened to think: i can not like this test a more than 70 points.

mom is still a thoughtful person. every time i was sick, especially when the fever is very anxious mother, immediately took me to see a doctor, a hospital to busy to my registration, the amount of temperature ... ..., once almost sprained his feet, and came back to give me take medicine, every 20 minutes to feed the water, wipe sweat, explore the body temperature, with a cold towel to apply the head, to help me cover the quilt, if it is at night my mother even sleep well sleep, take care of me all night, very hard the the next day also insisted on working.

i love my mother, my mother only one!

我的妈妈英语作文 篇4

my mother’s name is nancy. she has long hair, two big eyes my mother likes sports and shopping. her favourite sports are football and yoga. and her favourite food is ice cream. she also likes dogs and cats.


my mother is a high school techer, she works very hard and does very well in the school.


my mother also concerns my study. she always helps me study and play the piano. she is very glad when i make progress.


my mother loves me very much. and i love my mother too!


我的妈妈英语作文 篇5

i have a good mother. i think she is the best mother in the world. i like her very much and she loves me very much, too.

my mother is 38.she is a doctor and very frienrdly to peopie.i want to be a good doctor like my mother when i grow up.

my mother is also good atcooking. every day shecooks for us. in the daytime she works very herd. aftervery tired. i often help her with it.

this is my mother. can you tell me something abour your mother?

我的妈妈英语作文 篇6

my mother and thousands of ordinary mothers are concerned about loving their children. but in my mind, my mother is like other peoples mother, because mom is the best in my mind.

mother is not the most beautiful among her peers, but my mothers kindly face and hardworking hands make me feel beautiful. my mother likes to wear a white shirt with a pair of black trousers, which is extraordinarily spiritual. my mother had long black hair and big bright eyes, showing the radiance of love. my mother is medium, slightly fat, wrinkled in his hands, and a lot of calluses on his palm. my mother says it is work for the housework. i think my mother is really industrious and amazing.

dou xing shift, i went to school age, in class, the students are positive to answer questions, and i always can not keep up with the teachers train of thought, the heart is very uncomfortable. my mother found out that i was different, and gave me after-school tutoring after school, knowing that i understood all the classroom knowledge.

this is my mother, an industrious and kindly mother.





我的妈妈英语作文 篇7

my mother was my first teacher. all the memories of my childhood are in one way or another connected with mother. i can still remember clearly the days when she told me stories, played games with me and taught me simple maths.

mother has some good qualities. as a primary school teacher, she is kind to all her students. and she love her work.i have seen her working at her desk late at night when i wake up many times. she is a responsible teacher. as her daughter i also learn a lot from her. she is indeed a good mother.

i love my mother. and i want to be a person like my mother.




我的妈妈英语作文 篇8

i have a good mother.i think she is the best mother in the world.i love her very much and she loves very much,too.

she is 34. but she looks young and pretty.she is a doctor.she is kind to her patients.i want to be a good doctor like my mother when i grow up.

my mother works hard in the hospital.after work,she gets home and does much hosework.she is also good at cooking.

every day she cooks for us.i think she is very tired,so i often help her with housework.

i love my mother forever.

我的妈妈英语作文 篇9

i have a kind mother. here, let me use the "language" camera to take a picture of her!

she has a pair of big eyes and double-fold eyelid. tilted slightly under the nose of asevere mouth, is not tall. mother's hand is very rough, because dad on a business trip in the outside, mum do all the chores. such as cleaning, washing clothes and so on, her hand how does not bee rough? rough hands it doesn't matter, however, when her hands gently pat when i fell asleep, will also bring me warm, let i drifted into sleep.

at ordinary times mom to my learning method is very concerned about. no matter how busy, she will carefully check my homework, i won't do topic she would teach me patiently. if the homework careless, she often remind me, want me to be careful. she forted me: "you are also pretty good, get rid of this trouble, would be much good." listen to the mother, i told myself, must correct the flaws of this careless. summer, mom know i study very tired, you take me to travel, see the world, i have learned many knowledge outside.

because i love my mom, so i know, mom, mom is of concern to me, so i am proud of i have a good mother.

我的妈妈英语作文 篇10

my mother is an ordinary teacher. she always puts her students before everything. she is nothing different from other people at the first sight. but later you will find that she is so responsible. in my mind, she is very great. on weekends, she always prepare the class at home. sometimes she even ask the students to come to our house for remediation for free. all her students like her. sometimes i almost envy her students. luckily, my mother also very care about me. she puts all her time on our family and her students, leaving nothing for herself. she is so great, and i proud of her; and i love her.

我的妈妈英语作文 篇11

my mother is a kind and gentle woman.she takes good care of her children and keeps them at school.i have a sister.my mother gives us every comfort.we love her and she loves us also.

my mother has too much to do in bringing us up.she gets up very early and sleeps very late every day.she works hard,yet without complaining.she is also a thrifty and hard-working woman.she saves every penny that she can and keeps everything in order.as she has been busy ever since she was young,she looks older than she really is.her face is wrinkled,her hair becomes silver white,and some of her teeth become movable.but she works as hard as ever.

often she says to us,"work while you work,play while you play,if you do not work,you will become lazy and of no use to society."what a piece of good advice this is!we must live up to it and always keep it in our mind.

我的妈妈英语作文 篇12

i have a great mother. she cares much about me in my life and study. in the morning, she gets up early to make breakfast for me.

when i was little, she prepared my schoolbag. but now, she tells me to do it by myself.

because she thinks i have been old enough to do it.

besides, she always checks my homework. when i finish my homework, she checks it and points out the mistakes.

she is very careful and helps me a lot. i love my mother.

我的妈妈英语作文 篇13

i have a great mother. she cares much about me in my life and study. in the morning, she gets up early to make breakfast for me. when i was little, she prepared my schoolbag. but now, she tells me to do it by myself. because she thinks i have been old enough to do it. besides, she always checks my homework. when i finish my homework, she checks it and points out the mistakes. she is very careful and helps me a lot. i love my mother.


我的妈妈英语作文 篇14

my mother is a ordinary women.she is a very very ordinary women,really.she looks like very ordinary;her age very ordinary;only her wears looks like very special.

my mother always wear a wide casual pants,a t-shirt (or a wide vest),and a pair of sunglasses.she always use toiletry,consequently she's skin was very good.

my mother is very benignant,and she was very love me.i with regard to these,i to be thankful.i love my mother , too.because she gave me very very many.she civilize by education me how to do in world and knowledge.

my mother is a office workers.she everyday works hard,but she always not to get heighten.

i love my mother , because she gave me very many thinks.

i love my mum . a ordinary and largeness mother.







我的妈妈英语作文 篇15

my mother is a nurse. she loves her job and devotes herself to it. last month she went to beijing to fight against sars. my mother didn't go back home until more than one month later. but i missed her very much. i knew she tried her best to protect us from sars. i love my mother and i feel proud of her.

how lovely my mother is! my mother is a nurse. in those dangerous days last month, she went to beijing to fight against sars. she tried her best to protect us from sars. she had worked

there for more than one month. i love my mother and feel proud of her.



1.my mother comes from shanxi,and lives in beijing.我的母亲来自山西,住在北京。

2.she is a tall and slim woman.她是一个又高又苗条的女人。

3.she is 35 now.她现在35岁。

4.she works as a primary school teacher.她担任小学教师。

5.because she is patient and nice,all her students like her very much.



我的母亲英语作文及翻译 篇1

my mother is 35 years old。 she has long black hair and big eyes。 she takes me to school every day。 in the evening, she help me with my homework。 if i’m hungry, she will cook my favourite meals。 she’s always trying to encourage me to try something new。 i think my mother is the best person in this world。 she is always be there for me when i need her。 i love her so much。 she is my hero。


我的母亲英语作文及翻译 篇2

my mother is a woman of the old school。 she is too conservative to keep up with the times。 however, she is good-natured and treats others incerely。 for this reason, all her neighbors are only too glad (pleased) to make friends with her。 they consider her a model woman。

she is a typical housewife。 she keeps the (her) house neat and clean and looks after us with extreme care 。 she often says to us, “you cannot study too ard。”