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  wuyishan in fujian province was listed in the world biosphere reservenetwork in 1988. it was listed in the world heritage list in december 1999.wuyishan scenic spot is located in wuyishan city, northwest of fujian province,about 15 kilometers south of the urban area and at the southeast foot of thenorthern section of wuyishan mountains, with an area of about 70 squarekilometers. there is a typical danxia landform. with hundreds of millions ofyears of nature's uncanny workmanship, it has formed a beautiful scenery withsteep peaks, beautiful waters, clear water and danfeng. the ancients said thatit has three or three wins in water and six or six odd peaks, so it is known asqixiu a. there are 36 peaks, 72 caves, 99 rocks and 108 scenic spots in wuyishanscenic area. not only has the scenery throughout the year, the four seasons aredifferent, and the weather is cloudy and sunny, the scenery of the mountains andrivers is also unpredictable and magnificent. now it is divided into sevenscenic spots: wuyi palace, jiuqu river, taoyuan cave, yunwo tianyou, yixiantianhuxiaoyan, tianxinyan and shuilian cave. it has the wonders of huangshan, thebeauty of guilin, the power of taidai, the danger of huayue and the beauty ofwest lake.

  the essence of wuyishan scenery is in the nine bend brook. jiuqu riveroriginates from sanbao mountain. its water is blue and clear. it turns aroundthe mountain, forming the victory of jiuqu mountain. some of the most famouspeaks in wuyi mountain and the mysterious hanging coffin on the cliff are listedbeside jiuqu river. there are also yulin pavilion, porcelain kiln site of songdynasty, wuyi palace and other tourist attractions in the scenic area, which areof great humanistic value. wuyishan also has many places of interest, such aschongyou wannian palace, hongqiao and jiagou boat coffin, as well as rareanimals and plants in the world. it is a national key nature reserve. there isalso a wuyishan nature museum. wuyi mountain is also a famous historical andcultural mountain. the ancients said: confucius and qiu in the eastern zhoudynasty, zhu xi in the southern song dynasty, taiyue in the north and wuyi inthe south. zhu xi, a neo confucianist of the southern song dynasty, lived herefor more than 40 years. he set up an account to teach disciples and wrote booksand theories, making it the cultural center of southeast china and known asdaonan li cave. taoism also calls it the 16th cave. there are no less than 20__hymns written by literati and scholars in the past dynasties. there are morethan 400 inscriptions on the cliffs. these rich cultural and historical relicsalso add to the style of the famous mountains. the ancient yue people's boatcoffins, the ancient city ruins of the han dynasty, the ancient porcelain kilnruins of the song dynasty and the imperial tea garden of the yuan dynasty makewuyishan a place for people to visit and explore ancient times.

  wuyishan nature reserve is the largest and most complete forest ecosystemin southeast china. it has many peaks, dense primeval forest, magnificent,simple and beautiful scenery, and rich biological resources. it is included inthe united nations human and nature reserve.


  dear tourist friends, welcome to wuyi mountain with beautiful scenery. i'mthe guide of sunshine travel group. my name is xiao wang. this morning, we wentto tianyou peak scenic spot, and at noon we went to jiuqu river to take bamboorafting. before you go, please pay attention to some things: 1. don't stand onthe bamboo rafts when you are rafting; 2. when climbing mountains, women don'twear high heels, try to wear flat shoes.

  well, take the environmental protection battery car, we come to the firststop "tianyou peak".

  tianyou peak is in the north of jiuqu river and liuqu river, in the centerof the scenic spot. when it's sunny after rain or the first morning dew,climbing the peak and looking at the sea of clouds are like the waves of thesea, which are changeable. it's like i've come to a fairyland and roam in thesky, so it's called "tianyou". "tianyou peak" can be divided into upper andlower parts. the view pavilion is located on the left and near the upperreaches. along the lake majian, it is the lower reaches. the view pavilion onthe upper reaches of tianyou peak is close to the cliff. it is a very goodviewing platform of wuyi mountain. you can have a panoramic view of thelandscape of wuyi mountain when you look around. let people open-minded,intoxicated in it, everyone will leave a figure there.

  after touring "tianyou peak", we take a bus to the next station, jiuquriver.

  jiuqu river originates in the west of wuyi mountain with dense forest. itswater quality is very clear, with a total length of 62.8 km. it flows throughthe ecological area in the middle of the mountain. jiuqu river meanders indanxia state, distributed among the mountains and rocks, forming a deep meander.the straight-line distance is 5 km. sitting on the bamboo raft, you can enjoythe beautiful natural scenery. the water under the bamboo raft is clear, andfrom time to time there are small fish swimming by. the scenery is sobeautiful.

  there is also a legend of water turtles in wuyi mountain

  one year, a tortoise, who had been practising for thousands of years,originally wanted to seek an official position in the sky, but the mercilessjade emperor asked him to water the tea tree. at first, he felt very relaxed,but after a long time, he felt very bored. one day, he suddenly heard a voicefrom the world: "tea sprouts, tea sprouts." he couldn't help running to thesouth gate and looking down, he saw that people were sacrificing tea gods in thetea garden beside the jiuqu river. golden tortoise can't help praising people'srespect for tea. as soon as i thought of pouring tea there all the year round,but no one asked me about it, i decided that i might as well make a tea in theworld.

  well, that's the end of today's tour. i hope you can have a pleasant trip.the beautiful nature welcomes you. i also hope the beautiful wuyi mountain willleave you a perfect memory.


  hello everyone! i'm your guide. my name is tan. please call me directortan. "a stream runs through the mountains, and the clear and shallow scenerylingers in the nine twists and turns. a stream to rock xiu, reflection immersioncold green today, i'm going to take you to wuyishan scenic spot, which has thereputation of "qixiujia southeast".

  the first scenic spot we arrived at was the poetic jiuqu river. first ofall, i would like to briefly introduce the general situation of jiuqu river: inthe world, wuyi mountain is the first, and the soul of wuyi is in jiuqu river.this stream originated from the main peak of the wuyi mountains -- the southernfoot of huanggang mountain. it is clear and clear. it passes through the wuyimountain scenic area from west to east through xingcun town. it is full of waterand turns into nine curves, so it gets its name. jiuqu river covers an area of8.5 square kilometers, with a total length of about 9.5 kilometers. each songhas a different landscape.

  you can take a bamboo raft and meander down the jiuqu river. the clearwater will make you forget all your troubles. the craggy peaks and craggy rockson both sides of the strait will give you all kinds of reverie. i'd like tobriefly introduce some precautions for taking a bamboo raft

  1、 according to six people on a bamboo raft, we are free to combine;

  2、 on the bamboo raft, please don't rush to make a speech before steppingon two bamboo. to avoid slipping into the water;

  3、 when the bamboo raft is moving, you should follow the instructions ofthe rafters. please don't take photos from the chair or walk on the raft.

  dear friends, the bamboo raft drives up to the shoal. the mountain on theright is called xianyan. please pay attention to whether this huge stone on therock looks like a banana fan. the three peaks close to xianyan are not like aball in the middle, and the peaks on both sides are like two male lions,commonly known as "two lions playing ball". the rock on the right side of thestream has a sharp mouth and thin legs, and its back is covered with vines andflowers, commonly known as "peacock kaiping stone".

  look at the two peaks on the right, one is danluyan, the other isxianjiyan. the former is named for its resemblance to the alchemy furnace of thelegendary taishanglaojun, while the latter has two round stone nests on therocks. it is said that it is the knee nests left by wuyi immortal kneeling downto worship the emperor's grandmother, so it is also called "xianxiyan". the twocaves beside the stream are called micang and yancang. further on, the peak thatcatches our eyes is tianzhu peak, commonly known as "jiutan peak".

  the second scenic spot we arrived at was the wonder of the world "a line ofsky". it is the most strange cave in wuyi mountain. the one on the left islingyan cave, the one in the middle is wind tunnel, and the one on the right isfuxi cave. a line of sky is a crack in the middle of a mountain, just like asharp axe. it's less than a foot long, about 100 meters long, and leaks into theskylight line. this is the miracle of "uncanny workmanship". the first line ofthe sky is about 100 meters long and less than 90 cm wide. the narrowest part ofthe first line of the sky is only 50 cm. some fatter tourists should be carefulnot to get stuck. now please follow me from fuxi cave into the cave, you can seea ray of sky light, just like a rainbow across the sky. it's very wet in a lineof days, and there's water in some places. please be careful not to slip! lookup, you can see bats passing overhead from time to time, and you may be hit bythe droppings of bats at any time. tourists generally jokingly call people whoare stained with bat dung "lucky" and call them lucky people.

  dear friends, we have arrived at the third scenic spot, tianxin scenicspot. the stream we see now is called zhangtang stream. zhangtangjian is thelongest mountain stream in the north of wuyishan scenic area, about 7.5km long.please follow the direction i pointed out. there are several adjacent caves onthe half wall of danxia mountain. there are several small wooden buildings inthe caves, which are built on the cliff. they are either hidden in the cave orclose to the cliff. they are up and down the hanging ladder and around thefence. i don't know if you have found a problem. why is it called tianjia framewhen the county building is built between the cliffs? this is because in orderto save time, the construction materials used in the construction at that timewere directly lifted from the rock bottom. do you see that the fir trees thatwere erected outside the cave were the ones that installed the crane, a kind oflifting machinery. so the local people call this scene "sky frame". go on, crossthe stone bridge in front of huiyuan temple and turn left into liuxiang stream.liuxiangjian, formerly known as daoshuikeng, is located at the northern foot oftianxinyan. strange to say, all the streams and springs in wuyishan scenic spotrun from west to east to xiakou and join chongyang stream. only this mountainstream, since the origin of the north valley of sanyang peak, flows to thenorthwest and flows back to the mountain, so it is named. along the way, theflowing water and the flying flowers come together, and the faint fragrancecomes from time to time. xu xun, a poet of the ming dynasty, traveled here andcould not bear to leave, so he changed the name of the stream to "liuxiangstream". there is an alley valley in the stream, with dangerous rocks standingon both sides, and only one person is allowed to flow between them. it is coolin summer, so it is called qingliang gorge. a long way out of qingliang gorge,you can see a black mountain peak, on top of which stands a huge stone leaningforward, just like a farmer wearing a hat. it is said that this huge stone camefrom afar, so it is called feilaifeng. around feilai peak, you can see that thismountain is called "yuzhu peak". from yuzhu peak to jiulongke. jiulongke is asecluded and deep gorge. the rugged peaks of jiuren are like nine dragonssoaring into the sky. from jiulongke to lixu, you can see the rock calledtianxinyan. the temple under the rock is yongle temple, the largest existingtemple in wuyi mountain. after reconstruction, yongle temple is 170 meters longfrom north to south and 150 meters wide from east to west, covering an area ofabout 26000 square meters. yongle temple flourished in the qing dynasty, withmore than 100 monks. since the reform and opening up, especially in the 1990s,the relevant departments have decided to restore yongle temple. at present, theconstruction of the main hall is in progress. beside the mountain path leadingto the zen temple, a new rock carving of maitreya buddha has been chiseled. itis 19 meters high and 13 meters wide. the huge "buddha" character behind therock is written by emperor kangxi of the qing dynasty. it is 11 meters high and9 meters wide, with a total area of 99 square meters, which means "nineauspicious".

  pay close attention to whether your eyes are tired. take a rest. next stopis shuiliandong.

  dear friends, the cave we see now is the water curtain cave. located in theeast of danxiazhang, shuilian cave was formerly known as tangyao cave.therefore, there are two flying springs on the top of ruiquan rock peak, flowingdown with the wind, just like a brilliant water curtain, so later generationschanged it to water curtain cave. the cave is the largest in wuyishan scenicarea, with a height of more than 100 meters and a width of more than 100 meters.the roof of the cave is obliquely covered, just like a cornice, covering half ofthe sky. in front of the entrance of the cave, the clear spring flows on bothsides all the year round, falling down from the top of the rock more than 100meters high. where the breeze passes, the water drops are swaying and opening.with the wind, as if tiannu scattered flowers, as well as two hanging beadcurtain. water curtain cave, xuan shuang bright, can accommodate hundreds ofpeople. the teahouses along the cliff are the sites of the sanxian temple, whichwas originally dedicated to the great confucians liu ziyun, zhu xi and liu gongof the song dynasty, and the three churches, which were dedicated to confucius,laozi and sakyamuni. the curtain of water poured into the pool, splashingcontinuously, and then rippling again. it was so beautiful that it was like adragon playing in the water.

  please have a good look. now we're going to the fifth scenic spot, wuyipalace. now the building we see is wuyi palace. wuyi palace, also known ashuixian temple, chongyou temple and wannian palace, is a place where emperors ofthousands of generations worship wuyi kings. it is also one of the six famousscenic spots in song dynasty. it is the oldest palace in wuyi mountain, with ahistory of more than 1000 years. although the wuyi palace, which has a longhistory, has been repaired in the past dynasties, it can't withstand severalfires and soldiers, leaving only a few empty rooms and broken walls. in the late1980s, with the support of relevant departments, the main hall of wuyi palacewas restored. the restored wuyi palace has been turned into zhu xi memorialhall. the museum mainly displays the life stories of zhu xi, cai yuanding, youjiuyan, liu lun, huang gan and zhen dexiu. the five big words "zhu xi memorialhall" on the front door plaque are the ink treasures left by former vice memberof the national people's congress comrade fang yi during his inspection of wuyimountain. the two osmanthus trees in the courtyard are said to have been plantedby zhu xi himself, and they are eight or nine hundred years old.

  time flies like a meteor! our trip to wuyishan is coming to an end! thereare many beautiful scenery in wuyishan, such as tianyou peak, longchuan grandcanyon, taoyuan cave of "dongtianjiejie" and the charming hero slope. i hopethat this wonderland in the world, wuyishan, with its gorgeous scenery, canleave you a good impression. at the same time, thank you for your support to mywork. it's really a pleasure to visit wuyishan with you. thank you again!


  dear tourists, hello! i'm the tour guide of today's activity. now behind usis the beautiful wuyi mountain.

  wuyishan is located in wuyishan city in the north of fujian province.according to legend, a long time ago, wuyishan was a place full of floods andwild animals. the common people go through the ravines and have nothing to livefor. after that, a brave young man named wang wang came from afar to lead us tocut mountains, cut rocks, dredge rivers, and finally overcome the flood. thedredged river course is today's jiuqu river, and the excavated sand and stonesare piled up into thirty-six peaks and ninety-nine rocks. from then on, peoplehad a good life. one day, the jade girl jiayun went on a trip. she wasfascinated by the beautiful scenery of wuyi mountain and went down to earth tolove her king. unfortunately, the iron ghost told the jade emperor about thismatter. the jade emperor was so angry that he ordered to arrest the jade girland return to heaven. the jade girl refused and would marry the king. the ironghost uses magic to turn them into stones and separate them on both sides of thejiuqu river. in order to please the jade emperor, the iron ghost also becomes arock between the two lovers, monitoring them day and night. this is the ironpeak at the moment. from then on, they had to rely on the mirror platform tolook at each other in tears. yunv peak bath xiangtan is said to be the placewhere yunv bathes. the "seal stone" in the pool is a token of love from theking.

  there is also a beautiful place in wuyi mountain, called "southeast foot".the southeast foot is located in the northern part of wuyi mountains, coveringan area of about 70 square kilometers. there is a typical danxia landform. themiraculous work of nature for hundreds of millions of years constitutes thebeautiful scenery of qifeng, xiushui jue hui, bishui danfeng and absolutelybeautiful scenery. the ancients said that "there are three or three wins inwater and six or six strange peaks", and it is known as "qixiu a southeast".

  today's liu tour ends there. i hope that the beautiful scenery of wuyimountain will become your most perfect memory after this tour. i also hope thatpeople there can take good care of wuyishan and pass on the beautiful scenery ofwuyishan from generation to generation. bye!


  dear friends, the wall we see now is the wuyi jingshe site. wuyi jingshewas an academy built by zhu xi in 1183. according to dong tiangong's records ofwuyi mountains, wuyi jingshe was a big building in wuyi mountain at that time,which was called "the grand view of wuyi". there are renzhi hall, yinqiu room,zhisuliao, shimenwu, guanshanzhai, hanqi hall, wandui pavilion and tiedipavilion. those who come from all over the world sigh for their success. zhu xiwrote books in wuyi jingshe, advocated taoism and lecturing for ten years, andcultivated a large number of neo confucianism talents. therefore, wuyi jingshe,which he founded, was attached great importance to by feudal rulers and wasrepaired and expanded in all dynasties. at the end of the southern song dynasty,the expanded wuyi jingshe was renamed "ziyang academy", which was allocated bythe government to gongtian to support scholars. then he set up the teaching postof "mountain head" to preside over the teaching affairs. in the early yuandynasty, shanchang was changed to "professor". in 1365, wuyi jingshe wasdestroyed by the war. in 1448, after zhu xun and zhu shu, the eighth grandsonsof zhu xi, invested in the reconstruction, they were also called "zhu wengongtemple" to worship zhu xi. during the reign of emperor kangxi of the qingdynasty, the plaque of "xueda xingtian" was granted, which was rebuilt. in 1708,the governor of fujian and zhejiang often called on luo manbao to donate hissalary and advocate the repair of jingshe, which has a history of more than 200years.

  hundreds of meters from wuyi jingshe, there are more than 10 caves underthe xibiyan of jiezhufeng. in the morning and evening of winter and spring,light clouds often emerge from the cave and wander gently between the peaks androcks. sometimes they gather together, sometimes they disperse, freely andunpredictable. therefore, the name of the cave is "cloud nest". cloud nest issurrounded by sound rock, danlu rock, xianji rock, tianzhu peak, dressing table,shaibuyan, tianyou peak, cangping peak, jiezhu peak, etc. the stone gate you seein front of you is the site of shugui jingshe. "shugui jingshe" is clearlyvisible on the forehead. shugui, surnamed jiang mingzhi, was born in thenorthern song dynasty. he was an official of xiaolian. there used to be anexquisite ancient building built in the early qing dynasty to commemorate jiangzhi. now this stone gate is the only one left. i pass the stone gate of shugui'shouse, but i feel suddenly enlightened. the pavilion on the left, which is onthe edge of jiuqu river, is called shimao qinglian pavilion. the peak on theright is yinping peak, which is attached to yinping peak. there are three markson the waist of the peak, as if it were broken and connected together. it iscalled jiezhufeng. the pavilion under yinping peak is called shuiyue pavilion.it is said that the moon is bright and the stars are rare. when you enjoy themoon with wine in the pavilion at night, the wind can reach four moons. pleaseguess which four moons are there? one in the sky, one in the water, one in thecup, and one in the heart. the dark rock in the middle of the cloud nest lookslike a reclining elephant, commonly known as iron elephant rock. there is acrack in the middle of the iron elephant rock. people walk through it, but theyfeel that the sky is like a line. in order to distinguish xinan lingyanyixiantian, it is called "xiaoyixiantian". yunwo is bounded by tiexiangyan,which is divided into upper and lower yunwo. yunwo boulder leaning, back rocknear the water, is located in wuhan

  yishan essence zone is the first win area for wuyi. it has always been aplace where ancient scholars and famous officials lived in seclusion. in 1583,chen sheng, the minister of the ministry of war, built "youxi cottage" betweenthe upper and lower cloud nests. there were more than 10 pavilions, platforms,buildings and pavilions, including binyun hall, qiyun pavilion, chaoyunpavilion, shengyun terrace and chiyun pavilion. unfortunately, these buildingshave been abandoned for a long time. some cliff inscriptions left on the cliffcan still vaguely remind people of the prosperity of the past. there is aninteresting story about youxi thatched cottage and wuyi jingshe. it is said thatwhen chen built youxi cottage in yunwo, ziyang academy built by zhu xi was veryold. on the one hand is the elegant environment and exquisite architecture; onthe other hand is the academy which is in disrepair and about to collapse. whena scholar saw this scene, he wrote a poem on the wall: "ziyang academy againstqingbo, broken the wall and half a female bamboo shoot. i love the pavilion andpavilion next to each other, and the painting column and the zhugong are thecloud nest. " when chen saw the poem, he said with a smile: this is obviouslyexciting. today, the ziyang academy has been renovated by donating money andemploying workers.

  the peak on the left side of tiexiangyan is the sun cloth we saw on thebamboo raft. please pay attention to it. there are spots in the middle of thewall of the sun cloth rock, which looks like the palm of a man. there are dozensof lines more than ten feet long. it is said that this is left by an immortal,so the sun cloth rock is also called "xianzhang peak". as a result of years ofwater erosion, shaibuyan is covered with hundreds of straight water tracks.whenever the west slanting sun shines on the wall, it can be seen more clearly.overlooking the stream, you can see that the shadow is at the bottom of thestream and rippling with the waves, just like countless flowing black and whitesnakes running straight down from the bottom of the stream. if it rains, therain will fall down from the top of the rock along the straight track, as if thesu lian is in the air, and thousands of silver dragons are flying, which can becalled a wonder. there is a popular story about the origin of shaibuyan andxianzhangfeng: it is said that a long time ago, the weaver girl of tiangongcarried brocade bags and sang songs to collect colorful brocade every day. thesebrocade, together with strands of gold and silver thread, are woven into silksand satins for the queen mother. one morning, when the tiaotan dajiao fairy, whowas in charge of the transportation, was walking on the cloud road throughyunwo, wuyi mountain, carrying a load of silk and brocade woven by the weavinggirl, he inadvertently looked down and was immediately fascinated by the wonderof "blue water and danshan". he then put down the brocade to play. when he heardthe drum of the heavenly palace, he thought of the brocade. he saw that the silkhad been wet. he was afraid of the queen's reproach. so he shook away thebrocade and put it on the wall of the rock. but the brocade was too long, and italways fell to the edge of the liuqu stream. he pulled and pulled until it wassmooth. after several times of hard work, the immortal bigfoot was in a state ofdistress and found a yin

  cool place then snore big sleep. as soon as i wake up, the sun has gonewest. when he got up and looked at it, there was a golden glow in front of him.originally, it was made of damask, shining in the sun, which made the blue waterand danshan more beautiful. big foot fairy touched with his hand, and the rockwall was hot. he was flustered and rushed to collect the cloth. however, theribbons and satins have been melted into the smooth stone wall, and even thepalm of dajiaoxian's cloth has been embedded into the rock wall forever. "nowthere are fairy palms on the stone, green moss on the green fingers." this isthe view of xianzhang peak.

  please note that the word "fu hu" is engraved on the front wall. the authorof the inscription is chen sheng, the owner of youxi cottage. in the 11th yearof wanli in the ming dynasty (1583), chen province was excluded because of hisdisagreement with the prime minister zhang juzheng. although the emperor gaveseveral gifts, he still resigned and returned to fujian. it's only with deepfeelings that we don't meet. it's built in wuyi mountain. there is a rock inshiyunwo that looks like a crouching tiger. the word "crouching tiger" is usedto describe him as a crouching tiger in wuyi mountain, hoping to make a comebackone day. the bamboo cluster on the right of fuhuyan is the square bamboomentioned by mr. guo moruo in his poems about wuyi. this kind of bamboo looksround, but it is very strange to touch. if you don't believe it, you can feelit. from the stone path in front of fuhu rock, you can see a stone gate with theword "towering deep lock" engraved on its forehead. when you enter the stonegate, you suddenly see a bright future. this is known as tea production "a wuyi"said the tea hole. looking from the cave, you can see jiesun peak, yinping peak,qingyin rock, tianyou peak, xianzhang peak, and xianyou rock far away in sanqu.the cliffs are like tall walls. the only way to surround them is a rock in thewest. people in the cave, which covers an area of 67 mu, look up and see onlythe blue sky. just as xu xiake wrote in his travels to wuyi mountain: "all thepeaks are steep on the top, but the bottom is complex. there is no dengdaooutside, and only the west leads to a ridge, which is more correct than themingyan of tiantai." therefore, there are scholars in the past dynasties whobuilt a seclusion in the cave, such as liu heng's small seclusion in the songdynasty, li zhongding's zhuxia residence in the ming dynasty, and dong maoxun'sliuyun library in the qing dynasty. now these ancient buildings

  most of them are missing, except the former site of dong maoxun's liuyunbookstore. this pool in the north of chadong is called "xianyu pool", where thesnowflake spring falling from tianyou peak and qifeng is gathered. it is saidthat there was a fairy bathing in this pool, so it is named. look at the stonepath leading to yinping peak in the south. more than ten meters away from ourlocation, there is a stone gate with the word "liuyun bookstore" engraved on theforehead. this is the former site of liuyun bookstore built by dong maoxun. morethan 200 years ago, the author of wuyi mountain records, gong tiangong,completed the compilation of 24 volumes of wuyi mountain records in his fatherdong maoxun's liuyun library, leaving a valuable cultural heritage for wuyipeople. through the stone gate, through the "chicken breast" and "dragon ridge",we can see the inscription "immortal world" on the cliff, which means that thereis the dividing line between the human world and the fairyland. only those whohave the courage and knowledge to cross the dangerous path of wuyi mountain -"chicken breast" and "dragon ridge" can enter the peak fairyland. standing atthe top of the peak, this pavilion is called "xianyi pavilion". climb a few moremeters to the top of yinping peak. the original mosque at the peak was built inthe third year of wanli in the ming dynasty (1577) and is now abandoned. fromthe top to the south, there is a hole in the half wall, which is called"nanmingjing". liu duanyang, a taoist of ming dynasty, was born here, and thereare still stone tombs and mirages. dear friends, please get ready for climbing.now we begin to climb tianyou peak. from chadong to tianyou peak, there are morethan 800 stone steps. if you are interested, you may as well count them whileclimbing to see who has the most accurate number.

  at this moment, we finally boarded the tianyou peak viewing platform. wehave worked hard all the way. according to the figures just reported by you, mr.zhang and mr. li are the most accurate. there are 826 stone steps. thank you foryour cooperation. tian swimming pool peak is connected with xianyou rock in theeast and xianzhang peak in the west. it is surrounded by thousands of highpeaks. when it's sunny after the rain and the first morning dew, the vast whiteclouds cover the mountains and valleys; the wind blows the clouds, ups anddowns, just like the waves of the sea, surging and surging. standing on theviewing platform and looking at the sea of clouds, it's like being in afairyland of penglai. you are invited to visit qiongge in tiangong, so it'scalled "tianyou". located in the center of the scenic spot, it is an excellentwuyi landscape viewing platform. with the circulation of time sequence, you canenjoy the sunrise, clouds, buddha light, sunset, bright moon, etc. from theviewing platform, you can rent a column to look far away, but you can see a fewpeaks. the peak in the west is baqu's sanjiao peak, and the peak in the east isyiqu's dawang peak. overlooking the nine winding, bamboo rafts gently swing,wuyi landscape panoramic view, it is open-minded, forget home. xu xiakecommented: "it is not near the river, but can make the best of jiuxi, and canmake the best of jiuxi. this peak should be the first."

  from the viewing platform, there is a palace like building in front of you,which is tianyou temple. on the wonderful stage after watching, you can see thatthe tree with the brand of ancient and famous trees is the rare red bean tree.whenever the mature season, mountain breeze, pods have been scattered on theground, rolling out of the red beans, crystal clear, bright and lovely.

  wang wei, a poet of the tang dynasty, wrote: "red beans are born in thesouth. how many branches will spring bring? i hope you can pick more. this isthe most acacia. " i hope you can find a few more grains under the tree and takethem home to become the perfect memorial of wuyishan. the stream beside the redbean tree is called hu ma stream. on the stone wall beside the stream, there aremore than one cliff stone of past dynasties. among them, the largest "firstmountain" is inscribed by xu qingchao, general of dongwuxian, renchen, daoguang.it means that tianyou peak is "the first resort of wuyi", so it should be called"the first mountain". it is also explained that wuyi mountain is a famous taoistmountain, which ranks the 16th among the 36 caves. the founder of taoism islaozi, who is the first in the world. therefore, the famous mountain he occupiedshould be the "first mountain" in the world. after enjoying the cliff stonecarvings and climbing the rugged hill, the memorial archway in front is thememorial archway of zhongzheng park. the original memorial archway was engravedwith the word "zhongzheng park", which was knocked out during the culturalrevolution. now the relevant departments are in charge of restoring thislandscape.

  dear friends, this is the end of tianyou peak tour. please have a rest.next stop is taoyuan cave.


  hello, tourists! i'm a different ordinary tour guide. you can call me ringguide. welcome to wuyishan, where the mountains are strange and the waters arebeautiful. the scenery of wuyishan is not the same as my name. today, pleasefollow my steps to appreciate the difference of wuyishan!

  wuyishan is a typical danxia landform, known as blue water danshan,qixiujia southeast reputation. it is located in the northwest border of fujianprovince, with a main scenic area of 70 square kilometers and an averagealtitude of 350 meters. it is one of the first batch of national scenic spotsand one of the national tourist resorts. in 1999, it was listed in the worldcultural and natural heritage list and won the world natural and culturalheritage. wuyishan became the 23rd world natural and cultural heritage site andthe fourth world natural and cultural heritage site in china.

  at this moment, i'll take you to the foot of tianyou peak. please look upfirst. the whole tianyou peak is a big stone. the ants you see are the peopleclimbing tianyou peak. they are like ants moving, and they go up step by step.now i begin to take you to climb tianyou peak, please follow the good team,don't walk away, pay attention to walk without seeing the scenery! ok, we'rehalfway up the mountain. we come to the pavilion and look around. there are ninetwists and turns in front of us, and bamboo rafts are swinging gently on thestream. traveler xu xiake commented: tianyou peak is an excellent wuyi landscapeviewing platform. it is not near the river, but can make the best of jiuxi. thispeak should be the first. therefore, tianyou peak is known as the first peak inwuyi. from the top of tianyou peak, you can see most of the beautiful scenery.jiuqu river is flowing to the horizon, there are all kinds of stones, look,there are: two lazy turtles lying on their stomach, here is a magic penholderpeak, there is a mouth watering hamburger, and the beautiful jade girl and thebrave king are also waiting for us in front!

  the way down the mountain is smoother than the way up the mountain. wedon't go back. we don't go down the mountain from the original way, that is, wedon't go back. but the scenery on the way down the mountain is much less. thewhole climb took about three hours.

  this is the end of the morning trip. in a quiet afternoon, we will take abamboo raft and walk into this picturesque world.


  hello everyone! my family name is zhang. you can call me tour guide zhang!i'll explain it to you now.

  wuyishan in fujian province was listed in the world biosphere reservenetwork in 1988. it was listed in the world heritage list in december 1999.

  wuyishan scenic spot is located in wuyishan city, northwest of fujianprovince, about 15 kilometers south of the urban area and at the southeast footof the northern section of wuyishan mountains, with an area of about 70 squarekilometers. there is a typical danxia landform. with hundreds of millions ofyears of nature's uncanny workmanship, it has formed a beautiful scenery ofqifeng, xiushui juhui, bishui danfeng and absolutely beautiful scenery. theancients said that it "has three or three wins in water and six or six strangepeaks", and is known as "qixiu a southeast".

  there are 36 peaks, 72 caves, 99 rocks and 108 scenic spots in wuyishanscenic area. not only has the scenery throughout the year, the four seasons aredifferent, and the weather is cloudy and sunny, the scenery of the mountains andrivers is also unpredictable and magnificent. now it is divided into sevenscenic spots: wuyi palace, jiuqu river, taoyuan cave, yunwo tianyou, yixiantianhuxiaoyan, tianxinyan and shuilian cave. it has the wonders of huangshan, thebeauty of guilin, the power of taidai, the danger of huayue and the beauty ofwest lake.

  the essence of wuyishan scenery is in the nine bend brook. jiuqu riveroriginates from sanbao mountain. its water is clear and twists and turns aroundthe mountain, which forms the victory of jiuqu. some of the most famous peaks inwuyi mountain and the mysterious hanging coffins on the cliffs are listed besidejiuqu river. there are also yulin pavilion, porcelain kiln site of song dynasty,wuyi palace and other tourist attractions in the scenic area, which are of greathumanistic value. wuyishan also has many places of interest, such as chongyouwannian palace, hongqiao and jiagou boat coffin, as well as rare animals andplants in the world. it is a national key nature reserve. there is also awuyishan nature museum.

  wuyi mountain is also a famous historical and cultural mountain, theancients said: "confucius and qiu in the eastern zhou dynasty, zhu xi in thesouthern song dynasty, taiyue in the north, wuyi in the south.". zhu xi, a neoconfucianist of the southern song dynasty, lived here for more than 40 years. heset up an account to teach disciples and wrote books, which made it the culturalcenter of southeast china and known as "daonan li cave". taoism also called it"the 16th cave". there are no less than 20__ hymns written by literati andscholars in the past dynasties. there are more than 400 inscriptions on thecliffs. these rich cultural and historical relics also add to the style of thefamous mountains. the ancient yue people's boat coffins, the ancient city ruinsof the han dynasty, the ancient porcelain kiln ruins of the song dynasty and theimperial tea garden of the yuan dynasty make wuyishan a place for people tovisit and explore ancient times.

  wuyishan nature reserve is the largest and most complete forest ecosystemin southeast china. it has many peaks, dense primeval forest, magnificent,simple and beautiful scenery, and rich biological resources. it is included inthe united nations "man and nature" reserve.


  hello everyone! welcome to wuyishan. i'm your little guide. you can call mexiao zheng. today, i will take you to visit wuyi mountain.

  now we come to sangu town, the starting point of wuyishan scenic spot. youcan see the three rocks on the opposite mountain. they are like three girlsstanding quietly, so they are called sangu town. because there is such amagnificent rock standing on the top of the mountain, it is called dawang peak.it is the first of the thirty-six peaks of wuyi mountain. we park there for 20minutes, and you can get off to visit and take photos.

  let's get in the car. let's sit down. next, we go to jiuqu river rafting toappreciate the charm of wuyi mountain.

  jiuqu stream is the core scenic spot of wuyi mountain, with shili stream,jiuqu river bend and the famous jade girl peak by the river. please put on yourlife jackets, sit on the bamboo rafts, follow the instructions of the raftersalong the way, do not stand up at will, pay attention to safety, and ensure thatthere is no accident.

  this place is called star village, which is the starting point of ourdrifting. the rafting will take about an hour. the jiuqu river is ten milesaway. the water is clear, the pool is deep, the beach is fast, and there aremany bays. in the water, there are many beautiful army fish; on both sides,there are many strange peaks and rocks; looking up, there are ancient hangingcoffins on the cliff. on the raft, you can listen to the rafters' talk about thescenery and legends on both sides of the strait. i'll wait for you at therafting wharf under the jade girl peak. i wish you a good taste of jiuqurafting.

  hello everyone! just now, you must have seen that there is a mountain peakon the left, which is made up of a whole rock. the flat rocks incline to thebottom one by one. the raft union told you that it is called shaibuyan. we aregoing to visit tianyou peak next to it now.

  the terrain of tianyou peak is high, and there are often clouds. themountain road is steep and rugged, the stream is deep and the rock is dangerous.only by carefully following the stone steps and climbing the iron chain canpeople reach the top of the mountain. standing at the top of the peak, the jiuquriver twists and turns from its feet. cool wind, white clouds near; clear water,green mountains, in front of you, at this time, people really have the feelingof touring the sky, the upper reaches of the sky. tianyou peak at the foot ofthe cloud nest, tea hole and other attractions. yunwo is a deep narrow valleysurrounded by cliffs. people in a valley, such as at the bottom of a well, aresurrounded by streams and clear springs; there are caves and ravines in themountains, where clouds grow and fog gather, so people call it cloud nest. deepin the valley, there are tea trees, green bamboos, caves on the stone wall, andclear water in the mountain stream. it's a famous tea cave scenic spot, and it'salso the place where fairy lives in legend. you have to go in and have a goodlook.

  on the left side of tianyou peak is taoyuan cave scenic area, where thereare laozi's big stone statue, shoutao stone and sanqing temple. you can go downthere from the top of tianyou peak and come out along the valley to jiuqu river.i'll wait for you there first. on the road, we must pay attention to the foot,safety first! in two hours, we have to gather by the stream. ok, let's go to thesky now.

  thank you for being there on time. i would like to tell you that mr. zhu xiof the song dynasty lived for more than 40 years at the foot of tianyou peak andjielu by jiuqu stream, making wuyishan the cultural center of the whole countryat that time. now his memorial is built there. let's go and have a look.

  well, today's journey is coming to an end. i hope you will have a good resttonight. if you have time, you can go to sangu town and buy some localspecialties like tea, root carving, oranges and so on. tomorrow we'll go to thefamous rock tea dahongpao tea tree, yixiantian, shuijiandong and otherplaces.

  thank you very much! see you tomorrow.


  ladies and gentlemen,

  hello everyone! i'm very glad to meet you in nanping, the "north gate" offujian province. first of all, on behalf of fujian longxingtianxia travelagency, i welcome you all. i'm the general manager of the travel agency my nameis chen. you can call me xiao chen. sitting in front of us is our driver masterliu. although master liu is young, his driving skills are first-class. i believethat with his escort, our journey will be more comfortable and safe. today, ouritinerary is wuyishan, the beautiful blue water and danxia. if you need any helpin this trip, you can tell xiao chen. xiao chen also wishes you a happy and fulljourney.

  it's about 10 minutes' drive from your hotel to jiuquxi scenic spot. nowi'd like to introduce the general situation of wuyishan and jiuquxi: wuyishan isone of the first batch of key scenic spots announced by the state in 1982, andit was listed in the world cultural and natural heritage list by unesco indecember 1999. wuyi mountain belongs to danxia landform. in the past tens ofthousands of years, due to the crustal movement, the landform has beenconstantly changing, forming the unique "three three", "six six", "seventy-two"and "ninety-nine". three three three "refers to the jiuqu river we will visitnext," six six "refers to thirty-six peaks, seventy-two caves and ninety-ninemountains, wuyi mountain, blue water and danshan, wuyi mountain is known as"qixiujia southeast". there is no intense heat in summer and no severe cold inwinter. the warm and humid climate provides superior water and heat conditionsfor the plants in wuyi mountain. therefore, wuyi mountain has dense forests,flourishing flowers and fragrant flowers. it is suitable for tourism all theyear round. wuyi mountain is the most important landscape in central fujian. thesoul of wuyi mountain lies in jiuqu stream, which originates from huanggangmountain in wuyi mountains. the stream twists and turns around the mountain,forming nine curves. each curve has its own unique style. visitors can not onlyenjoy the thrill without danger by riding bamboo rafts and rushing down thestream, but also see the mountain scenery when they look up and enjoy the watercolor when they look down you can listen to the sound of the stream and reachfor the clear stream. i believe the journey will be very pleasant.

  ok, members, now we have arrived at the wharf of jiuqu river. beforegetting off the bus, i'd like to introduce the precautions for taking a bambooraft: first, six people should take a bamboo raft, please assemble freely;second, they should be modest and give way to each other to avoid falling intothe water; third, they should follow the instructions of the rafters and don'twalk on the bamboo raft.

  well, friends, just now we have visited nine to three of the jiuqu streams.now we are in the second of the jiuqu stream. the tall and straight mountain infront of us is yunv peak. yunv peak is the most famous landscape in wuyishanscenic area and also the symbol of fujian tourism. the jade girl peak and themajestic king peak face each other across the river, like a pair of loyallovers. the peak on the left is called "tiebanzhang", which lies between the twopeaks. it may be a scene of emotion. there is a moving folk story here. it issaid that long ago, wuyishan was a place full of floods and wild animals. thecommon people suffered a lot. one day, a young man came from afar to witness thedisaster. he led the people to cut the mountain, cut the stone and dredge theriver. after unremitting efforts, the flood was finally cured, and the dredgedriver course is today's jiuqu river. the excavated sand and stones are stackedto form thirty-six peaks and ninety-nine rocks. once upon a time, the jade girlin the sky was fascinated by the beautiful scenery of wuyi mountain when she wastraveling. so she secretly stayed in the world and fell in love with thishardworking and brave young man who was called the king. unfortunately, the ironghost knew about this. he told the jade emperor about it. the jade emperor wasso angry that he ordered to arrest the jade girl and return to the heaven, thejade emperor had no choice but to turn them into stones and separate them on thetwo banks of the jiuqu river. in order to please the jade emperor, the ironghost turned into a big stone and watched their actions day and night. theycould only look at each other with tears in their eyes.

  under the jade girl peak is a clear and green bath pool. it is said that itis the place where the jade girl bathes. there is a huge stone in the pool. itis said that it is a token of love given by the king to the jade girl. the rockon the right side of the jade girl peak is engraved with the word "jingtai",which is five feet square. the font is neat and handsome. you can see it severalmiles away. it is the largest cliff stone carving in wuyishan scenic area.

  rafting over tiebanzhang, you will arrive at a bend of jiuqu river. undertiebanzhang, there is a huge stone, which is called "shuiguangshi". it is aboutseveral feet high. every sunny evening, the setting sun is reflected on the rockwall, and its reflection will be reflected on the clear and green stream. thereare many inscriptions on the rock, especially the inscription of qi jiguang, afamous anti japanese general in ming dynasty. the peak behind shuiguangshi isdawang peak, while the lion like peak on the right is lion peak.

  well, dear friends, today's tour has come to an end. thank you very muchfor your support and cooperation. i hope my service can satisfy you. if there isanything not thoughtful in the service, please forgive me. you are also welcometo put forward more valuable opinions and suggestions. thank you and welcome tocome again.


  hello, tourists! welcome to wuyishan. i'm your guide today. my name isouyang. if you are satisfied with me. let's call me ou dao. our schedule todayis to go sightseeing, that is, in the morning and in the afternoon.

  wuyishan is a world dual cultural heritage (world natural and culturalheritage). )as the saying goes: guilin's landscape is better than wuyi's. it's agreat honor for you to have a glimpse of wuyi mountain. we are walking throughzhuxi garden now. we warm up before climbing to the top of the mountain -climbing a miraculous little line of sky. the friends who walk in either useflashlights or stare at the light on their heads. they have to help the side tomove forward. it's wide at both ends and narrow in the middle. pay attention tosafety. and if there is bat stool fall on you, don't panic, it's a blessing. howkind of, after a day, thrilling, and you all can have a day, that means you areall national standard figure, don't have to lose weight. (the introduction ofxiaoyitian is exquisite and mature. )

  now you are standing at the foot of tianyou peak, the highest, steepest,characteristic and most dangerous peak in wuyi mountain. you look up as if thereare many high, low and zigzag steps on the big stone. the chain escalator seemsto be hanging from the sky. the steps are all made of stone. only two or threepeople can stand on each step. there are more than 800 steps in total. if youare interested, you may as well count while climbing. later, you can see who hasthe most accurate number. halfway up the mountain, we look back and look down:green vegetation - trees, flowers and crops, like a carpet, and the stream yousee is the famous jiuqu stream. look, the winding jiuqu river is like a silkmirror. the tea gardens are really like human footprints. let's look forward andlook up. it's like a group of people carrying bones. originally, it was only anhour's journey, because there were so many people. it took us two hours to getto the top of the mountain. everyone worked hard. could you tell me how manysteps there were? yes, it was 826. if you look to the west, that's san jiaofeng. if you look to the east, that's dawang feng. looking down, you can have apanoramic view of the whole landscape of wuyi mountain. no wonder xu xiake said:this peak should be the first. this is the end of the tour of tianyou peak.please have a rest. the next stop is to row bamboo rafts. (to introduce tianyoupeak in the order of the itinerary, to grasp the characteristics, or to focus onthe scene and feelings, or to focus on the history, just like the officialcommentary, lifelike. )

  now we are at the upper reaches of the jiuqu river, which is the soul ofwuyi mountain. it turns from west to east into jiuqu, so it is called jiuquriver. its drainage area is 5 square kilometers, the whole course is 9.5kilometers, the average width is 7 meters, each song has a different scenery.the so-called person in the middle of the painting not only refers to thelijiang river, but also refers to the jiuqu river. later we will see thebeautiful jade girl peak, the majestic king peak and the stout iron plate peak.they also spread a touching folk story: it is said that a long time ago, thedaughter of the jade emperor went down to earth to play. when she passed wuyimountain, she was fascinated by the scenery here, so she secretly stayed in theworld and fell in love with the hardworking young man. however, these thingsmade the ironclad monster understand, so he told the jade emperor about it. thejade emperor was very angry and fell in love with him the jade emperor had nochoice but to turn them into stones and separate them on both sides of the jiuquriver. the iron plate monster was also turned into a big stone and inserted inthe middle of them. the two of them had to look at each other. next, you can siton the bamboo rafts and enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the strait.every stone there has a beautiful legend; every mountain has a moving story;every antique has a puzzle; even every tea tree has a wonderful song (searchingfor the typical scene of jiuqu river, combining with relevant information andmaking the finishing point with beautiful legend, which is impressive. )

  i'm very glad that we have finished the day's sightseeing. i hope you willremember today's happy journey. (a typical guide style language is used tofinish the farewell, which is in harmony with the language style of the fulltext.