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  everyone has his own dream. some want to be doctors. others hope to bescientists. my dream is to become a teacher.

  teachers can not teach us many things at school, but they do their best toteach us how to learn. thanks to them, we learn knowledge. and at the same time,we learn how to live a happy life. they spend most time on their students. theyare great in my eyes.

  i hope to be a teacher because i admire teachers. i know it is not easy tomake my dream come true. but i decide to study harder from now on. i am sure mydream will come true.





  i say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, still have a dream. it is a dream deeply rooted in the american dream.

  i have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its belief: "we hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal."

  i have a dream that one day on the red hills of georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood; i have a dream .....

  that one day even the state of mississippi, a desert state suffering from the heat of unfairness, suffering from the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice; i have a dream

  that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character; i have a dream today.

  i have a dream that one day down in alabama, with its evii racists, with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of interposition and invalidity, one day right there in alabama little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers;

  i have a dream today.

  i have a dream that one day every valley shall be gone,every hill and mountain shall be made iow, and rough places will be made plane and crooked places will be made straight,and the glory of the lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together.


  since i was a little child, i had a dream that i wanted to be a doctor.when i was little, i watched many tv series and movies about doctors. i thoughtthey were so great. therefore, i made up my mind to be a doctor. in my opinion,doctor is the people who can help patience get out of sickness and pain.i wantto be the person who can help others. however, being a doctor needs so muchprofessional knowledge and there is a long way to go. so i have to try my beston my study and go to a good college.



  on the night of march 1, the 76th annual academy awards was shown on television. after watching it, i had a dream, a sudden wish, that some day, i could receive an oscar award, or a nomination, for a movie i've made.

  while i was schooling in australia, my friends from school andi received a n assignment one day, "to make a ten to twenty minute movie on the topic of your choice." at the time, the trend was based around the popular matrix movie trilogy, so that became our obvious choice.

  because our schedule was very tight, and it was a first time experience, we found it all very hard work, but when we released our production at school, it was worth it. after my friends and i showed the movie, we could not get from one end of the school to the other without getting congratulated about five or six times. we, especially i, were proud. we made a school-wide sensation.

  from then on, i became obsessed with how to make movies and how filming is done. i just wanted to know about everyone and everything that has something to do with movies. i would watch a movie four to five times, just to find out how one camera angle, or

  special effect was produced. i found everything i watched quite amazing. i sometimes admired directors and producers of these films because the techniques they use are so smart. their cleverness inspired me to make and act in movies.

  when i become little bit older, i would like to attend a movie academy in beijing or shanghai, then america, or england, after some training and experience, i would like to make a movie, which will most likely be an action movie, which is my favorite kind of movie to watch.. if i am lucky, i hope i would get an oscar award for this movie. i think that would be quite a challenge, but it’s not impossible. for now, it’s back to watching movies over and over again for me!


  distinguished judges, teachers, dear friends

  hello, everybody! my name is, i come from. today, i am very glad to stand here and share with you my most sincere speech‘flying youth, master our future!’

  life is a process of growing up. saying goodbye to childhood, we step into another important time of life‘the youth’.however, who can really say what the youth is ? a period of time? a belief? an attitude to life? or anything else? we don’t know.

  a famous poet said ‘ youth is a lovely song ,where nothing is impossible youth is a meaningful book, you’ll be never bored of it ;youth is a rapid river ,it keeps on flowing day and night ;youth is a cup of tea ,it shows you different kinds of tastes in your life. ’

  as youth is so precious, of course, we must treasure it .don’t let the limited time pass by, leaving nothing of significance to our future. actually, youth has a lot to do with our future. it’s necessary for us to prepare ourselves well for the future to come. so, what should we do? here ,i’ll point out some tips to help equip ourselves

  first of all, recognize the direction of your future. in other word, think of what you’d like to be some day. a teacher ? a doctor ? a writer? don’t afraid of thinking big and great .since you are young , you can dream of doing anything and becoming anyone in the future .

  what’s more , never ignore the power of knowledge. read more books and travel around. for one thing, it can increase your knowledge, for another, it’ll broaden your horizon.

  last but not the least , stick to your dream. it easier said than done. after all, future is not all roses. so, we should have enough courage and determination to overcome all the difficulties.

  i firmly believe one sentence that‘if you think you can, of course you can!’just believe we can make it! keep on walking towards our dream. flying youth ,master our future. from today, from now on ,from duping middle school ! ready ? that’s all. thank you so much for your attention !


  i have a dream today.

  i have a dream that one day every vally shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight, and the glory of the lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together.

  wow, what a dream it has been for martin luther king. but the changing world seems telling me that people gradually get their dreams lost somehow in the process of growing up, and sometimes i personally find myself saying goodbye unconsciously to those distant childhood dreams.

  however, we meed dreams. they nourish our spirit; they represent possibility even when we are dragged down by reality. they keep us going. most successful people are dreamers as well as ordinary people who are not afraid to think big and dare to be great. when we were little kids, we all dreamed of doing something big and splashy, something significant. now what we need to do is to maintain them, refresh them and turn them into reality. however, the toughest part is that we often have no ideas how to translate these dreams into actions. well, just start with concrete objectives and stick to it. don’t let the nameless fear confuse the eye and confound our strong belief of future. through our talents, through our wits, through our endurance and through our creativity, we will make it.

  hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. hold fast to dreams, for when dreams go, life is a barren field frozen with snow. so my dear friends, think of your old and maybe dead dreams. whatever it is, pick it up and make it alive from today.


  everyone has a dream.i also have a dream.  

  i want to be a computerprogrammer.because i like playing computer games,and then i want to make my owngames.of coursei know it is difficult to be a good computer programmer.soi haveto learn more the knowledges about the computer.for examplei'll have somecomputer lessons when i have time.and i will read more computer bookseveryday.what'si'll join the computer club in high school.  

  in conclusioni willdo some things to improve my computer operation.i am sure my dream will cometrue one day.


  wide sea diving, the days of the birds to fly. everyone carries a dream of their own.

  however, what is the dream? what is dream? dream is looking forward to, and the dream is strong - is fleeting dream you insist on the ideal as their courage and perseverance, are you responsible for their own highest level. but ask yourself, how many of us to accomplish his original dream in mind?

  our dream is a simple belief, is a future and life of their own responsibility. perhaps, is the youth

  grand ambitions; perhaps, is the adolescent confusion and impulsive; maybe just a plain desire, desire applause, eager for success. countless "may," innumerable "hope" because of our youthful full of miracles, large and small dreams in our hearts, in every corner of life filled with fragrance.

  only the ideal but no effort is useless. if you want to be a teacher, you should to study hard. if you want to be a player, you should do more exercises. if you want to become a businessman, he should learn to get along with people. for example, my wish is to be a famous writer grew up, because i really love writing, so from now on, i should read more, more accumulate knowledge, and strive to improve writing level. no pains, no gains, because my efforts, so my article was punished in many newspapers , and in many composition contest, i see the success i'm happy, so, struggle is the bridge to the ideal.

  yes, my dream. to give my famliy a warm, give my friend happy. yes, my dream. the podium from the first station began his love this place, started from the first published an article looking forward to the world of words, decided to stay here from the beginning, stick to bottom of my heart desire.

  years in our faces no matter how many additional traces, no matter how much things to us across the chest wounds, as long as we have the right to breathe, to have a passion for remodeling dreams! oxygen to survive as long as we have to have the courage to create a passion!

  choose to continue, select the value, select the achievements of the passion of life, the brave hearts of the initial dream of success!


  different people have different dreams. some people dream of making a lotof money. some people dream of living a happy life. some people dream of beingfamous. some people dream of going abroad, and so on. but my dream is different.maybe you will get a surprise after you know my dream.  

  i have a wonderful dreamin my heart. its to speak english very well. since english is everything for me.english is my best friend. english is my soul. english is my power. withoutenglish, im nothing at all. nothing. now, i can think in english, speak inenglish, and write in english. some people think im an indian. some peopleregard im a pakistan. and some people even consider that im an egyptian. but ifi could speak english as good as an american, my future would be brilliant. so iwork very hard.


  dreams are beautiful, they keep us going forward.

  it is because the dreams of our teachers that we are here today.

  everyone can dream:

  adults and kids, males and females, captives and free men.

  even the blind can see through dreams. so allow kids like me to dream. ihave a dream.

  that one day, people will stop polluting the earth.

  that one day, i can become what i want to become.

  that one day, i can take very good care of my parents.

  i have a dream that you will have these same dreams, just like i do.

  a life without dreams is not worth living.

  so don't be afraid to dream.

  let’s dream big….. thank you.


  i have many dreams.for example, i want to be rich in thefuture. therefore i can buy all what i want.  

  but my greatest dream is that iwant to be an football player.and i want to lead the chinese team won the worldcup our country develops fast and our sport make great progress in the lastseveral decades. it has great achievements. all of our country are proud of it.therefore i want to be one of this amazing area.  

  in order to make my dream cometrue i must study hard now. i hope my dream can come true oneday.


  different people have different dreams. some people dream of making a lotof money. some people dream of living a happy life. some people dream of beingfamous. some people dream of going abroad, and soon. but my dream is different.maybe you will get a surprise after you know my dream.

  i have a wonderful dream in my heart. it's to speak english very well.since english is everything for me. english is my best friend. english is mysoul. english is my power. without english, i'm nothing at all. nothing. now, ican think in english, speak in english, and write in english. some people thinki'm an indian. some people regard i'm a pakistan. and some people even considerthat i'm an egyptian. but if i could speak english as good as an american, myfuture would be perfect. so i work very hard.




  in the past two years, my parents took me to travel to many places,including big cities, small towns, famous mountians and so on。 therefore, i liketraveling and i hope i can visit to many more places。 since then, i hope i canbe a tour guide in the future, so i can travel to many tourist attractions。besides, i can meet various people and i think municating with different peopleis interesting, wchich can broaden my field of vision。 i hope they can sharetheir life stories with me so that i can know the general life of a place。 iknow it would be a challenging job, but i believe i can do well in my job。



  different people have different dreams. some people dream of making a lotof money. some people dream of living a happy life. some people dream of beingfamous. some people dream of going abroad and so on. i have a dream,too.  

  when iwas in school my teacher asked me what i want to be in the future i had no ideaat the time because i didn’t think about the question before now i have my dreami have figured out what i want to be in the future i want to be a teacher. thisis my future ideal career being a teacher not only fulfills myself i also canimplant my knowledge to my students. when i look at my teachers i adore them somuch they learn so much knowledge they can help us learn better whenever we havequestions they can answer us immediately. i want to be one of them when i growup so i must study hard now.


  as the song goes “ my future isn’t a dream .” i love the song which brings me confidence when singing it every time .

  i believe that all our dreams can come true if we have courage to pursue them .when i was young my father always asked me what i would be in the future . sometimes i found it very hard to give a certain reply . “ i want to be a doctor .” “ i want to be a teacher .” and “ i ’d like to be a scientist !” many of these answers are perhaps very childish and ridiculous . but i never think they are far away .

  how time flies! who is able to give a definition to his future ? i know clearly that those high buildings are based on solid foundation .

  as a student , i should have a reasonable aim , and study hard . my goal is to enter the best university for further study after middle school . i know it’s hard work , and i ’ll come across many difficulties and frustrations . but no matter what they are , i’ll keep working on it and never give up . my teacher says there ’s only one kind of people that are truly successful : those who are brave enough to put up with hardships . even if i won’t achieve the goal , i have no regrets for what i have done , for i have struggled for my life.